February Promotions

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Don’t turn your nose to Fido’s or Fluffy’s bad breath! That odor might signify a serious health risk, with the potential to damage not only your pet’s teeth and gums but its internal organs as well.

  • Dental disease is the most common disease in both dogs and cats – by the time they are three, roughly 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease.
  • Dental disease can make eating, play, and other day-to-day activities painful for pets. *
  • Dental disease doesn’t stay in the mouth – it can lead to respiratory problems, heart attacks, strokes, kidney and liver diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, and more.

*Do you know if your pet is experiencing dental pain?

We, at Birch-Dan Animal Hospital feel very strongly about Dental Care. For this reason, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary Dental Health Exam for your pet as well as Dental Cleanings at a reduced price! To book a consult please give us a call or schedule an appointment below.

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