Dog Grooming Services

Tiny Tailz – Pet Grooming features a holistic approach to pet grooming. At Tiny Tailz, we strongly believe it is never about completing a service but making sure the pet enjoys the services being performed. Tiny Tailz offers strictly one on one services, uses top-quality natural grooming products, gentle handling, and techniques to minimize any stress a pet may feel related to the grooming process.

Grooming prices are charged by the hour for the time it requires to complete the service. The hourly fee includes everything your dog needs, from Dead Sea mineral-rich shampoo & conditioner, to de-shedding treatments (if needed), nail trim, ear cleaning & inner ear hair plucking (if needed), bath, blow out, brush out, haircut, leave-in conditioning treatments (& dirt repelling!) for added sheen and to protect the coat. For rabbits & guinea pigs, the hourly fee includes, brush out, nail trim, body haircut, scent gland cleaning, and ear cleaning.

Bath & Grooms (ONE on ONE Service)

0.1-20lbs – $38/per hour

20-35lbs – $40/per hour

35-40lbs – $42.50/per hour

40-60lbs – $45/per hour

60+lbs – $50/per hour

*Rabbit & Guinea Pig Grooms – $40/hour –

* Prices may vary based on your pet’s condition of coat, and behaviour.


Stand Alone Services

$15 – Brush out – 30 minutes
$25 – Nail trim with Nail grinding
$13 – Nail trim (Rabbit/ Guinea pig/ Cat)
$10 – Teeth brushing


Add-on Services to bath & groom appointments

$8 – Teeth brushing & Fresh breath spray
$8 – Pawdicure: nail grinding, paw massage with moisturizing paw balm
$8 – Mud Bath
$8 – Special Handling (fee per hour)
$10+ – Mat Removal (price varies on level of severity)
$25 – Full Spaw Package: Lavender infused Sea Salt Scrub & Soak, Deep Conditioning Dead Sea Mineral Mud bath, Mini 10min Tellington Touch Massage, Nose & Paw massage w/conditioning Treatment, Teeth Brushing w/Fresh Breath Spray
$25- Tellington TTouch Therapy during whole service

*Sedation if required is based on Birch Dan Animal Hospital pricing

Cancellation & Tardiness Policies
* Cancellation Policy: I request a 48-hour notice of grooming cancellations. Cancellations given in less than 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time may be subjected to a cancellation fee of $20 non-refundable

* Late Arrival Policy: sometimes we forget to set the alarm clock! If you are running late please give us a call and let us know. Dependant on your estimated time of arrival and your pet’s condition/size I may or may not be able to keep their appointment time. If late by 15 minutes or more, there is a late arrival fee of $15, which will be added on top of the groom price. If it is deemed the appointment must be rebooked the cancellation fee of $20 will be applied.

* No Show Policy: with no courtesy call of cancellation and failure to show for your pets scheduled appointment there is a no-show fee of $40, which must be paid before any future appointments. This fee is non- refundable. If there are 3 consistent no-shows Tiny Tailz reserves the right to refuse services.

Meet Steph the Groomer

Steph is the owner of @tiny.tailz.pet_grooming and will begin working out of our facility come November 1st! She has over 10+ years of experience in the animal industry and has been a groomer for over 4+ years! Steph has a great passion for grooming and helping your furbaby feel comfortable and safe while providing the highest quality of services. Slots are filling up quickly so make sure to give us a call at 416 266-1377 or send us a message to book your groom today!