Meet our veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Birch-Dan Animal Hospital in Scarborough. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.

Please call us at 416-266-1377 to speak to one of our caring veterinary team members.

Dr. Harjinder Singh, DVM

Dr. Harjinder Singh is a veterinarian and has been the owner of Birch-Dan Animal Hospital since 1990.

Born in rural India, Dr. Singh says that one early influence guiding him toward a career in veterinary medicine was watching the veterinarians that paid house call visits to his family’s farm. He adds, “Having been raised around animals helped me to understand their problems, behavior and needs better.”

Now that he is a veterinarian, Dr. Singh says he gains great satisfaction from being able to work with our many clients and treat sick animals back to health after an illness or injury. One instance that comes to mind was a Collie that came into the clinic recently. It had actually inhaled a carrot and was not able to breathe. After conducting an emergency tracheotomy, Dr. Singh was able to clear the dog’s airway and save its life.

For his undergraduate studies, Dr. Singh attended Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana where he earned a degree in Biology with a focus in Animal Science in 1981. During his time at University he was a member of the school’s field hockey team. In 1985, Dr. Singh entered Ontario Veterinary College where he earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. His area of special professional interest is surgery and he is a member of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.

Cecille Kozminski, Veterinary Technician and Receptionist

Cecille Kozminski is a Veterinary Technician and Receptionist who has been with Birch-Dan Animal Hospital since March of 2008. In addition to her years of experience, she is a graduate of the Medical Office Administrator Program at Everest College.

“I have a great boss and awesome coworkers,” she says when asked what she enjoys most about her work. “We are like a family here and it is always a good feeling to know I have bonded so closely with the people that I work with. I also absolutely admire the work we do here for our community as well as to address the feral cat problem. It is comforting to know that these wild and sometimes abandoned cats are being cared for and that we are able to contribute to that.”

At home, she has a Rottweiler named Chelsey, two rabbits named Thumper and Kiwi, aquatic fish Crush and Tiger and a patriot crab named Crabby.

Maria Karapetrova, Veterinary Assistant

Mike Brown, General Assistant/Property Maintenance

Mike Brown is our General Assistant/Property Maintenance at Birch-Dan Animal Hospital. Mike joined Birch-Dan Animal Hospital many years ago, with his cats, Chester, Squeek and Smokey. Since his retirement, he has been helping us with the upkeep of Birch-Dan Animal Hospital, making sure everything is in working order, and our landscape looking crisp and beautiful. He is always there to lend a hand and give lots of TLC to our boarding pets.

Cidnee Johnston-Reynolds

Cidnee is the newest member to our team starting in november 2018. She is currently a veterianary assistant/receptionist with us and has been in the veterinary field since she graduated high school 3 years ago. She enjoys working out, reading, traveling, trying new things and of course always making new furry friends! She also loves spending time with her black cat Romeo that she rescued off of the streets 2 years ago. Cidnee hopes to one day become a pharmacist as she discovered her passion for medicine and helping others!