Top Tips for Optimum Pet Wellness

scarborough m1k pet wellness tipsWe all want our pets to live long, happy, healthy lives; but what is really required to promote the best and healthiest life for your pet? Here's a list of the top things you can do as a responsible pet owner to keep your Scarborough pet healthy.

  • Preventative Health Examinations: Bringing your pet to the veterinarian twice a year is recommended to keep on top of potential health conditions. This is due to a number of reasons, but the most compelling being that: pets age much faster than we do, and they can't communicate their symptoms as well as humans can.

  • Pet Vaccinations: This is a must, as pets are susceptible to often preventable disease. Talking with your veterinarian and finding the best vaccination schedule for your pet, based on their needs is crucial to starting your puppy or kitten off on the right foot, and keeping them up-to-date with boosters and recommended treatments.

  • Parasite Control: Closely related to vaccinations is year-round prevention and treatment of parasites in regards to your pet. Ensuring that your pet gets the right flea, tick, and heartworm preventative can help you ward off potentially fatal conditions such as tapeworms, heartworm disease, and tick-borne illnesses.

  • Pet Dental Maintenance: Just like with humans, pets require proper dental cleanings and maintenance to ensure overall bodily wellness. Without regular veterinary hospital and at-home dental care, your pet's health can be comprised with serious conditions such as kidney failure and heart disease.

  • Proper Pet Nutrition: This should be another no-brainer: feeding your pet food that is rich in healthful nutrients and vitamins, not only contributes to proper body development; but also, wards off the likelihood of food-related conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.

  • Exercise: Exercise works in conjunction with a balanced and nutritious pet diet to ensure that your pet is the right weight, feels good, and thwarts potential serious conditions associated with lethargy and obesity, such as heart disease.

  • Regular Grooming: While your cat or dog doesn't require as much grooming as humans, due to their ability to lick themselves clean; they do require regular help from you, in the form of baths, bruswhing,and nail trimming. Again, your Scarborough veterinarian can educate you on proper procedure, as well as when and where.