Scarborough Pet Health Services

Dog and Cat Vaccines

scarborough m1k pet vaccinesVaccines are an essential aspect of any preventative medicine program.

Vaccines have proved to be an invaluable tool in protecting our pets from fatal diseases, but that does not mean some thought shouldn’t be given to how they are administered. Birch-Dan Animal Hospital tailors its Scarborough pet vaccination protocol to guidelines established by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the lifestyle of your pet, as well as the diseases he or she is most likely to be exposed to.

During your kitten or puppy’s first year of life we also spread out the series of vaccines in order not to put too much strain on his or her developing immune system. After your pet’s first year, we then move to a three year vaccine protocol, which is more cost-effective and convenient for our clients.

The core vaccines we offer to felines are rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia, and rabies. For canines we offer distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza, Bordetella and rabies. Non core vaccines for cats are feline leukemia and feline AIDS (FIV). Non-core vaccines for canines are lepto, giardia, and Lyme.

Puppy & Kitten Vaccines

Physical Exam + 1st (FVRCP/DHPP) = $39.95
Physical Exam + 2nd (FVRCP/DHPP) = $39.95
Physical Exam + 3rd (FVRCP/DHPP) + Rabies = $49.95

Annual K9 & Feline (Core) Vaccines

Physical Exam + DHPP/FVRCP + Rabies 3yr = $79.95

K9 Vaccine Add-Ons

Bordetella = $12.50
Lyme = $21.00
Lepto = $12.50

Feline Vaccine Add-Ons

FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) = $20.00
Feline Leukemia = $20.00

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Microchip Lost Pet ID

scarborough, ont pet microchippingThere is nothing more painful than the thought of a lost pet trying to get home, especially if you are away from home on vacation or visiting friends. How will he or she find her way home?

The fact is that at one time or another in our pets’ lives they will find a way out of the house or off their leash. Most of the time, they will make their way home on their own, but too often pets become lost and are picked up by a well meaning stranger or animal control officer and delivered to a shelter. If this happens to your cat or dog, a collar alone may not be enough, especially if the tag falls off or you are travelling.

Lost pet microchip IDs are a safe, simple and effective way to prevent your pet from becoming permanently lost. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted beneath your pet’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. The procedure only takes a minute or two to perform and is painless.

The microchip is encoded with your pet’s vital information, which can be read by scanners at veterinary hospitals and shelters across the country and around the world. Once the information in the chip is read, it can be used to easily reunite you with your beloved companion.

In fact, we have many wonderful stories of pet owners being reunited with their pets thanks to a microchip pet ID. While most owners are reunited rather quickly, we have seen one cat returned to a grateful owner after being missing for more than a year. In another instance, we reunited a dog with its owner after having gone missing for three years. Someone had taken the dog in and cared for it, but during a routine exam we checked to see if it had a microchip and sure enough it did.

Birch-Dan Animal Hospital in Scarborough works with 24 PetWatch, which has a number of important features to help you find a lost pet. These include the ability to remotely update your contact information through a personal web portal, 24/7 coverage by their call center, help with reuniting you with your pet, and free registration.

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Puppy & Kitten Veterinary Medical Care in Scarborough

scarborough pet healthcarePuppies and Kittens are a lot of fun to have in the home, but they require some special attention in order to assure they are happy and healthy companions for years to come. This means that comprehensive physical exams at key developmental stages are important.

In particular, the first year of your new friend’s life should include an initial wellness exam, screening for damaging parasitic infections such as worms or giardia, an initial dental exam, a vitamin supplement for good nutritional health, and more. For puppies we advise the start of medicines to prevent heartworm, and arranging their first grooming session. Additionally, at six months of age we recommend spaying or neutering your pet.

Vaccines are also very important. Because we take a balanced approach to the care of your puppy or kitten, Birch-Dan Animal Hospital spreads out vaccine visits. This ensures your new pet’s immune system adequately responds and recovers from each vaccine.

These additional visits also provide you with opportunities to ask all the questions that come to mind regarding your pet’s care and give us a chance to become acquainted with your blossoming cat or dog.

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Senior Pet Veterinary Care

scarborough veterinary care for senior petsDogs and cats in their senior years may be a bit less active, but they are very loving and satisfying companions. They also require additional veterinary care in order to keep them healthy and detect early signs of treatable disease. This is all the more true since their metabolism slows and they are more susceptible to a variety of cancers.

We still recommend yearly wellness exams, vaccination boosters, regular parasite screenings, heartworm prevention, and dental exams. However, after your pet reaches seven years of age—a little younger for some and older for some others—we also recommend a geriatric exam.

These exams are tailored to your pet's age and condition and include additional lab work such as a complete blood count and screenings for common diseases such as certain cancers, diabetes, diseases that affect the kidneys, and others. We will also review your pet’s nutritional needs and may suggest an individualized geriatric diet and vitamins.

Birch-Dan Animal Hospital also offers periodic specials for our senior veterinary care services so check in for when these occur. November is also our senior pet health month. During this time we offer nutritional counseling and complimentary senior diets with our wellness diagnostic visits.

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Nutritional & Behavioral Counseling for Your Pet

Nutritional Counseling

scarborough pet nutritionOne of the key factors that have extended the life span of companion animals as well as improved health and vitality throughout their lives is our growing knowledge of the role of proper nutrition. During your pet’s wellness exam your veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s body condition and provide nutritional recommendations based on what she sees.

However, for some pets with nutritional issues or chronic diseases such as diabetes, they may require a bit more intervention. This can include specialized foods, feeding strategies, and even prescription diets. Your veterinarian can also provide advice and information about diets that benefit specific medical conditions such as liver disease, bladder and kidney stones, renal failure, food allergies, and other conditions.

Birch-Dan Animal Hospital offers a range of nutritional counseling services individualized to the dietary health needs of your pet. In fact, our Hospital Manager has completed the Veterinary Nutritional Advocate Program through Hill’s Pet Nutrition. We also offer weight loss programs and carry two brands of prescription diets: Medi-Cal Royal Canin and Hill’s.

We also carry the new line of Hill’s veterinary exclusive preventative care diets called Hill’s Healthy Advantage. We can also order a number of nutritional products to better meet your pet’s health needs.

Behavioral Counseling

pet health, scarboroughBehavior problems are the number one reason that owners give up a pet. Birch-Dan Animal Hospital offers behavior counseling for many of your pet’s problems including inappropriate urination or defecation, aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate chewing and barking, scratching, digging, and spraying.

Our veterinarians will work closely with you to understand the source of these behavior issues and in developing a specific plan to help eliminate your pet’s unwanted behavior. Oftentimes, the behavior problem, such as inappropriate voiding, can be linked to a medical issue (cystitis, bladder stones, kidney disease, etc.) and can be treated medically.

For other behavior issues, we offer both natural and medication-assisted treatments for common behavioral issues. If our veterinarians and technical staff members cannot help with your pet’s behavior problem, we can refer you to a board-certified animal behaviorist.

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Internal/External Parasites and Your Scarborough Pet

External parasites (fleas and ticks) as well as internal parasites (heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms) are not only a health threat to your pet, but to your family as well. Many of these parasites are considered to be zoonotic, which means they can affect animals and humans too. Additionally, as anyone who has experienced an infestation of fleas in their home can attest, parasites can be difficult and expensive to eradicate.

Therefore, the best means to keep your pet, family and home safe from these pests is through prevention. Birch-Dan Animal Hospital will work with you to develop a program that best meets the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation. We will look at possible exposure points, your pet’s activities and review with you the best ways to control fleas and ticks in your house, yard and on your pet. We will also discuss with you exposure risks for internal parasites, signs and symptoms, and the best means to prevent infection.

We also offer SNAP testing for heartworm and tick-borne diseases. These tests are very easy to administer and provide results within a few minutes.

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Our Veterinary Pharmacy and Pet Care Products

The Pharmacy

scarborough animal health, petsEnsuring our clients have convenient and timely access to competitively priced medications for their pets is an important aspect of our veterinary practice. More than ever before, medications play an important role in helping cure a sick animal, relieve pain after an injury or surgery and manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Without these medications we would see higher mortality/morbidity rates, shorter lifespans, and degraded quality of life in our companion animals.

Birch-Dan Animal Hospital maintains a comprehensive pharmacy within our practice and is able to quickly access any medication that is necessary for the care of your pet. Additionally, because we are the prescribing veterinarian, we are able to ensure there is a direct link between the exam room and our pharmacy. This means your pet will receive the right medication, at the right dose, in the right form as quickly as possible. We will also be able to easily guide you on the medication’s use as well as monitor its effectiveness.

Refills are easy too. Simply visit our online pharmacy or give us a call and we can either mail them to you or have them ready at your next visit.

The Pet Supply Store

scarborough pet health examsWith so many pet care products on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your pet. We have taken some of the guess work out by researching the ones we think are best and then including them in our health products store here at Birch-Dan Animal Hospital.

These include over-the-counter flea and tick control products, Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin pet foods, treats, grooming aids, nutritional supplements, leads and collars, clothing, toys, chew bones, dental care products, and more. If you don’t see something in our store or would like to suggest a product, we are able to special order a wide range of products for our clients.

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End of Life Care for a Beloved Pet

Even the healthiest of pets reaches that time when we must find a way to say goodbye. We understand that this is a painful and difficult experience for our clients and is one that we all have been through in our own lives. It is our goal to help ease this time of life for both our patients and clients.

Birch-Dan Animal Hospital provides Scarborough veterinary euthanasia services designed to ensure the comfort and dignity of your pet. These services include offering at home euthanasia to our clients, caring for the remains as directed by our clients and grief counseling through a third party source with experience in this area of care.

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