Scarborough Pet Care & Community

For more than two decades, Birch-Dan Animal Hospital has been the provider of the highest quality medical and surgical care for pets in the Scarborough, Ontario area. Located on Danforth Road, within the city of Toronto, our hospital is just minutes from the shore of Lake Ontario as well as other nearby businesses. Our location makes us easily accessible to neighboring residents and those who come from other parts of Toronto, North York, Markham, and Pickering.

With a focus on preventative care, our Scarborough, ON animal hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for our pet patients and their owners. These include, but are not limited to:

About Scarborough

Dr. Harjinder Singh earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ontario Veterinary College in 1988 and has owned Birch-Dan Animal Hospital since 1990. Just as Scarborough grew from a collection of small rural villages into a large and diverse district, so too has our hospital grown and widened its reach to clients across Ontario.

Scarborough Weather

With its proximity to Lake Ontario, Scarborough enjoys a moderate Canadian climate. Here, the summers are warm and humid, but being near the water helps with a cooler breeze during the hottest days. We see our warmest weather in July, with an average high of about 27 degrees C. In January, the average low is near -10 degrees C.

Scarborough Demographics

The majority of the Scarborough population falls between the ages of 25 to 64 years. Our population, like the rest of the country's, is aging. This has made Scarborough an attractive location for retirement communities. The area is also comprised of many families and pet owners who have come to rely on our nearby location.

For more information on the veterinary services offered at our full-service Scarborough animal hospital, browse our website or call us at 416-266-1377.

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